breakfast bowls featured

50 Vegan Breakfast Bowls

After seeing the great response my 50 Irresistible Vegan Sandwiches post got last month, I decided more roundups were in order. Not just for you guys, I mean, I’m happy to share and all, but also for me. Spending a few weeks surfing the net with a focus and pinning like crazy in one category… 

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butternut squash chimichanga featured

Butternut Squash Black Bean Chimichangas

Okay, after this I’ll do a better job of spacing the butternut squash posts out. I think. That’s always my intention when making these dishes, but then I eat them and get excited, and this happens. I think there will be two more after this. I’ll do my best one. They could publish at any… 

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mushroom toast featured

Sauteed Mushrooms and Sage on Toast

This is more like it. Today is sunny and crisp, still feels like fall, and I’m writing about mushrooms and sage. I’m noticing a particular mark associated with a good dish: I tell my boyfriend what I’m making for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/dessert, ask what he thinks, and he responds by shrugging his shoulders and telling me it… 

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Know-Fu Your Tofu!

Photos by Lindsey Johnson I’m sorry. The thing about blogging is that you can say just about whatever you want and publish it on the internet. As a person whose rather shy, and in turn not likely to verbally spit out phrases like “Know-Fu Your Tofu!” I think I have a rather strong compulsion to… 

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hemp mohito smoothie featured

Creamy Hemp Mojito Smoothie

Ahhh…here it is, the first day that feels like fall and I’ve got an icy-cool, refreshing smoothie post planned. Maybe it’s sunnier where you are, or maybe you’re indoors where it’s warm, but I’m sitting out on my front porch in the crisp air writing this, and well, it just seems a little odd. Aside… 

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butternut home fries featured

Butternut Squash Home Fries

My boyfriend came home from work with another butternut squash yesterday, so the recipes shall continue. This one came from squash number 2. The new one would be squash number 3. I might try and space the remaining recipes out a bit, but honesty, I’m so keen on butternut squash that I’m having a hard… 

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ziplist featured

ZipList Recipe Box and Shopping Lists

A quick interruption into my regular stream of recipe posts. I hope you guys don’t mind, but this could be really helpful! If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed a number of changes I’ve made to the blog over the last couple of months. I went from my old Blogger platform to WordPress,… 

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