Veggie Scallion Pancakes

I realized I might just be on a Chinese food kick. I’ve been posting a Chinese or Chinese inspired recipe here and there lately, and as I glanced through my future posts lineup, I realized I’ve got many more to come. Today’s recipe is one we’ll put into the Chinese “inspired” category, because I’m not… 

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Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

I’ve been meaning to say a quick word of thanks to everyone who joined my email subscribers in response to Monday’s post. I hope everyone is getting some use out of the cookbook. Please let me know how the burgers are working out for you! On to today’s smoothie! I mentioned a while back that… 

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Vegan Avocado Melt with Coconut Bacon

Let’s talk about what you don’t need in order to create a vegan melt sandwich. Cheese. Obviously, that one’s a no brainer. It’s vegan. Fake cheese. This one’s not so obvious, but trust me, you don’t need it, and when I made this sandwich I wanted to avoid it because (a) I’m generally not too… 

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Mint Pesto Couscous with Tofu and Arugula

My veggie garden is going strong at this point, and while I’m certainly in no position to do any kind of expert gardening tips posts, I am pretty set up to post something along the lines of Things Not to Do When Growing Your First Vegetable Garden. I’ve got lots of them. Thing number 1:… 

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Crispy Tofu with Chinese Black Bean Sauce

  It’s no secret at this point that I’m fond of recreating vegan versions of my favorite Chinese restaurant dishes. I spent a lot of time dining at restaurants specializing in this, and one thing I noticed is that the more comfortable you become with any type of cuisine, the more inclined you are to… 

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