Marinated Tofu Franks


These all-vegan tofu franks aren’t fooling anyone, but who cares? They’re delicious! Made from tofu that’s soaked in a smoky marinade and then baked and grilled, for a frank that’s tender and juicy inside, while crisp and delicious on the outside. You got me. I’m that person. The one who shows up at your 4th… 

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Indian Curry Veggie & Chickpea Burgers


Make your meat-eating friends jealous this 4th of July, by scarfing down these spicylicious Indian curry veggie and chickpea burgers at your holiday barbecue! Again with the Indian food. And again with the veggie burgers. In fact, maybe again with the Indian food veggie burgers. Geez. At least I know what I like. I had… 

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Creamy Almond Butter Lemon Blueberry Smoothie


Rich almond butter, zingy lemon, and sweet blueberries go into this refreshing summery blueberry smoothie. Another weekend, another smoothie! As luck would have it, I chose what I consider to be one of my summeriest smoothies to share on a very unsummery day. It poured all yesterday here in the Northeast. The rain has stopped… 

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Baked Cauliflower Manchurian


Crispy panko-coated cauliflower florets are baked up and drenched in spicy gravy in this healthy vegan take on cauliflower Manchurian. Photos by Emily Caruso I don’t have a favorite cuisine. It’s too hard to pick one! So many foods from so many parts of the globe have such good qualities. If I’m asked what my… 

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Cajun Hummus


A Mediterranean classic gets a spicy upgrade with herbs and hot cayenne pepper in this zesty Cajun hummus. I’ve eaten a lot of hummus in my day, and this one might just be my favorite. Obviously, that’s saying a lot. And it’s Cajun. I didn’t even know I liked Cajun food until I started blogging…. 

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Spicy Sesame Noodles & Zucchini Noodles with Spinach


A balanced blend of pasta and spiralized zucchini noodles are tossed in a garlicky sesame dressing and served with tender baby spinach in this light and flavorful summer meal. I was having a conversation with my family about food trends recently. I think it started when some form of toast was spotted on a restaurant… 

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Smoky Sweet Corn, Black-Eyed Pea and Caramelized Onion Chili


Crisp summer corn kernels, tender black-eyed peas and lots of smoky flavor goes into this tasty caramelized onion chili. How’s your summer going? I’m hanging in there, though my allergies are killing me. I don’t think I ever suffered from any allergies at all up until about ten years ago, and they’ve gotten progressively worse… 

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